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Aug 13th 2007

Welcome to my new blog. Design Bliss is going to be all about where to find the good stuff, mostly free or cheap vectors, photoshop brushes, icons, templates, stock photos, etc., with an emphasis on “Terms of Use.” I’m mostly looking mostly for stuff that can be used commercially with few restrictions but don’t take that as a given; be sure to follow each link and check the individual terms. If that is of interest to you, stick around, and if there is something in particular you would like to see, leave a comment here.

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  1. KittyD

    I have tried to look for an email or something to post my complaints but I couldn’t find any so I’ll have to rant here.

    My brushes, stock photos, tutorials and any other resources I offer at are not FREE. They are meant to be exclusive for deviantart users and not to be used outside that website without my permission. The people who offer resources at deviantart do it so, in the vast majority, for that community alone. I do NOT want any of my resources used as a “free-for-all”.

    With this said I hope you’ll take down my brushes you linked here and will no longer post my stuff here.

  2. n

    You can’t just take things from these sites and redestribute them. It’s against the rules on the sites, and you’re stealing.

  3. Brian


    I cannot take down your brushes as I never had your “brushes” on the site. I only had a preview image and a link to your brushes on the site. I hope you understand the distinction I am making. I have removed the preview and link to your brushes and will not link to anything you create or any resources you provide in the future.

  4. Brian


    Most people are happy when I LINK to them. They get more site visitors which in turn leads to more sales or advertising revenue, whichever the case may be. I do not consider this site to “redistribute” materials. I do not host complete copies of the materials. I just provide preview images and links to other sites where these great resources (and their terms of usage) can be found.

  5. KittyD


    I read on another comment you made that you also have an account on deviantart. I know that you do not claim the resources as yours or provide a download on this page, and I understand your trying to do. But please try to see this from my point of view. I clearly state on my rules on DA that I do not wish for people outside DA to use my resources, and so do most stock and brush providers on DA. When you make a list outside DA, it is meant for non DA users who will use our resources outside DA, who may just follow the link and download without any regard for rules. If my resources are not for free use what is the point of posting a link here? People on DA can find it easily enough. I have seen stock from DA used commercially without any regard for the provider, and though it is not something we can fully stop, it is something we can minimize. So please please please read the rules from the brush provider before posting a link to it, and if they say “Not for use outside DA” just don’t link.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused, and I do hope you understand.

  6. Brian


    I linked to DeviantART resources just because I was trying to gather links to similar resources together. I might want to have the links handy to use on a personal project or for a project on DeviantART since I am a member. Since you are not selling the brushes, and I am not selling the brushes, I did not expect the uproar. But you are probably right. Since it upsets some people such as yourself, I’ll stop linking to materials on DeviantART that explicitly state it is not for use outside of DA.

  7. Hi! I’m using the weke template and I want to add images into the title portion of the template. I came across yours and I’d appreciate it a LOT if you could tell me how I could make the changes. By the way, AWESOME design:)

  8. Alba Rose

    You are infringing on copyrighted trademarks and disseminating them, which is against the law.

  9. Brian

    Care to be more specific? Is this about the DeviantART thing again? I don’t consider this blog to me disseminating anything other than links. I don’t host anybody else’s works but my own.

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