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Free Halloween Graphic Design Resources – Day Four: Stock Photos

Oct 4th 2007

Here’s a few stock photos that could be used to great effect in Halloween-related projects. The last one is even a layered PSD with the crows already cut out for you.

UPDATE 12/10/07 – Please note that many of the designers at DeviantART wish for their stock to only be used within the DeviantART community. So be sure to follow the links provided and check the terms of agreement in each case. If you still wish to use the images, you will need to join the DeviantART community and post your work there, following the rules outlined for use by the individual members. Furthermore, if you are an artist at DeviantART whose work is featured below and you wish it taken down, just leave a comment below, and I will comply with your wishes.

Solitairemiles (DeviantART)
pumpkin patch

Carved Pumpkin
Black Cat 1

mjranum-stock (DeviantART)
Grim Reaper

CatONineTales (DeviantART)
Layered PSD. Personal Non-Commercial use only.

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  1. Debra

    SHAME ON YOU – POSTING WORK HERE THAT BELONGS TO OTHER PEOPLE! WORKS AND STOCK ON DEVIANT ART IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE REPOSTED!!! I’ve notified everyone on deviant art who’s work you’ve illegally posted here! People like you who prey on others who do hard work make me sick!

  2. Brian


    I am happy to remove any links to material on DeviantART if the creator requests it. I do not “prey” on the hard work of others. I created this blog to celebrate and promote the work of my fellow designers, not to take advantage of them, and I apologize to any of them that feel that I have. I am a member of DeviantART myself and only wished for others to be aware of the great community and artists there.

  3. Brian


    Thanks for your concern. Most of the site owners whose work I feature on this blog thank me for bringing more attention to their work through the resources they offer. Anyone not wishing their work promoted to the greater public in this way is free to contact me through the comments on this blog, and I will comply with any legitimate requests to take down offending material. Again, I am not trying to upset anyone, just trying to let people know where they can find some great resources.

  4. CookieKitty


    Rather than posting something and then waiting for thanks from someone – how about asking them first? That way, people know straight off the bat that you are interested in reposting their work rather than coming down on you like a tonne of bricks AFTER they find you’ve done it.

    A little courtesty can go a long way.

  5. Brian


    I will exercise more caution about linking to material on DeviantART in the future. Since I see brush sets from DeviantART linked to on other sites all the time, I honestly did not realize that people were going to get upset over my doing it. Thanks for the advice.

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