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Free Halloween Graphic Design Resources – Day Twelve: More Photoshop Brushes

Oct 16th 2007

Here are some more free Halloween photoshop brushes for you from various designers at DeviantART.

UPDATE 12/10/07 – Please note that many of the designers at DeviantART wish for their brushes to only be used within the DeviantART community. So be sure to follow the links provided and check the terms of agreement in each case. If you still wish to use the brushes, you will need to join the DeviantART community and post your work their, following the rules outlined for use by the individual members.

creakystairs (DeviantART)
22 brushes.
creakystairs halloween brushes

wyckedBrush (DeviantART)
13 brushes.
wyckedbrush eerie pack halloween brushes

Spiders and spider webs.
Spider and Spiderweb photoshop brushes

seleneheart (DeviantART)
25 brushes. Personal use only.
Seleneheart halloween brushes


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  1. KittyD

    My brushes aren’t free, they have rules of usage, and one of them is NOT to redistribute them. Please take them down.

  2. Debra

    Shame on you!! Stealing work off of deviant art and posting it here!! You know better than to offer works that belong to others! If anyone else reads this – know that these works here on this website are MOSTLY STOLEN STOCK AND BRUSHES!! Do not use!!

  3. Sarah

    Unfortunately, all the Deviant Art stock is NOT free for general use – it’s for the use of artists on Deviant Art ONLY. I have an art account AND stock account and I know for a fact that the stock artists (I recognise quite a few of the names on here) will be very upset to see their work posted here.

  4. Anyone looking these up needs to know that each individual user on Deviant art has thier own set of redistribution rules- Stock provided from deviant art does NOT mean it is 100% free or can be reused in anything or reused for commercial puroses.

  5. Brian

    Hi, KittyD.

    As you have requested, I have removed the graphic and link to your brushes. I am fully aware they have rules of usage. If you notice, I only link to the download pages on DeviantART. I give credit to both DeviantART and the creators of the brushes. I don’t host the brushes myself or try to give them away to anyone. The only way to get the brushes would be to follow the link to your page where they could see find your usage information as well. It is in no way my intention to redistribute them.

  6. Brian


    I think you are getting a bit hysterical here. Linking to resources found on various websites is a very common practice on the internet, and most of the websites I link to are happy for the extra traffic I send their way. I guess I mistakenly thought the artists on DeviantART would welcome the extra attention as well. As noted I above, I don’t make anyone’s brushes downloadable from this blog; I fully credit the artists and send the visitors to DeviantART where they can find out the usage rules for those resources. I do show some stock photo images, but again, in most cases these are smaller than the ones on DeviantART and posted at a higher rate of compression so I fully expect people to go to DeviantART if they are interested in the images.

  7. Brian


    Thanks for the comment. I am happy to remove any links to DeviantART requested so by the creators of that material. I do not wish to upset anyone. I am a member of DeviantART myself and have nothing but respect for all the great artists there. I was only hoping to promote their work and the community itself.

  8. Brian

    Steph O.,

    Absolutely. And I expect anyone following the links about to DeviantART to look up the rules there. The brushes are free in the sense that anyone can visit DeviantART and download them. I do not mean to imply that they are free to be used as you wish.

  9. CookieKitty


    In reply to your comment to Debra – you would get hysterical too if your works were reposted elsewhere WITHOUT notification nor permission to do so.

    Cut us some slack – we make our resources for free, the least you can do is abide by our rules and NOT repost them.

  10. Brian


    For the record, I have personally made some resources available on this site – some vectors, icons, and photoshop layer styles – and anyone can LINK to them without prior notification or permission from me.

    I don’t consider what I do to be reposting since I am only letting people know the stuff exists on DeviantART. But…I apologize to anyone I have upset. I will take down any links I am requested to do so and will exercise more caution when linking to anything on DeviantART in the future.

  11. Reahani

    Hi, I was notified about this site on DeviantART, and I came over to make sure nothing of mine was over here, because I have a stock account that is for DA-USE ONLY. I cannot seem to find any links or listings here. But just a heads-up to those who are, my work and my stock is DA-USE ONLY!!! It’s not mean to be published anywhere else, but on DeviantART, period. Thanks for taking the time to read this.



  12. Brian

    Thanks for the note, Reahani. I don’t think I have ever linked to any of your work and will be sure to NOT do so in the future per your wishes.

  13. Kygirl

    Good grief guys it’s not like he stole your work and is claiming them as his own!!! I understand you not wanting your work stolen, but seems to me as if he thought he found some nice work, and was referring people to it. I mean, that’s the way I see it. He’s sending people to you! I don’t get it. Am I missing something here? He says they are your brushes. He links to your site. He’s not passing anything off as his own work sooooo what is the problem? I didn’t download anything from here, but I mean I have seen sites where people completely steal other peoples work! No links, no nothing! Just copy and paste. Now that’s horrible.

    Brian….. you might want to ask people first or at least say hey I linked to your site is that okay. I mean… I’m just saying. Maybe they wouldn’t be so harsh then.

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