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Bonus: Tropical Vector Silhouette from VectorStock – This Month Only!

Jan 7th 2008
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VectorStock offers cheap vectors. Their Terms of Use are kind of interesting. While typically, their stuff is to only be used in ads, promotional materials, etc., like most all the microstock sites, they do note:

As a rule, you cannot change the color of a design, print it on a t-shirt, postcard or poster and sell it to others or offer it for re-sale unless the design is fundamentally modified graphically or transformed sufficiently to the extent the original content is not directly obvious in the new design or transformed sufficiently that it constitutes an original work entitling the author or artist to copyright protection under applicable law.

So it does look like you could use an element from there as long as you modified it enough.

Anyway, I don’t know when they added this feature, but they now offer a free vector of the month. The one available now is a tropical background. Click on the image to visit the site and download it.

Vector Tropical Silhouette

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