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Win a Free Membership to The $5 WordPress Themes Club

Feb 26th 2008

More and more lately, I have become convinced that, at least for myself, WordPress is going to be my platform of choice for any new sites I am setting up. I recently used it purely as a CMS site for a private site and loved how easy it was to do that.

Anyway, there are tons of free themes out there and a growing number of “premium” themes. Small Potato at WPDesigner is straddling that line ever-so-slightly with his $5 WordPress Themes Club project, which promises at least 12 new themes in a year for a $5 fee. Stirring things up even more, however, Small Potato has decided to give away 20,000 club memberships for free through various blogs.

Since I love WordPress and love to bring you free stuff, I thought this blog might as well be one of them. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s available so far:
$5 WordPress Themes Club

Each week I am going to post a question for you to answer in the comments below, and at least one lucky winner will be chosen at random from those who participate to receive a free membership.

1) Week #1 Question: Is WordPress your favorite blogging platform. and if not, what is?

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  1. I am already member of the WPDesigner Theme Club, but I hope to win a custom design template.
    Question 1: WordPress is my favorite blogging platform bacause it is free, user-friendly, has many quality templates, many plugins, a lot of users with a helpeful community.

  2. I chose dotclear, as I am not good to make designs, and I found a nice one for me for Dotclear. But now I’m thinking of changing for WordPress, As I see more and more nice things, ools and widgets made for WordPress.

  3. For Blogging, WordPress is my favorite blogging platform.

    Here is why:
    1. Great SEO rankings are simple with the SEO Friendly links and simple setup.
    2. Wonderful plugins make really anything possible from photos, videos, ads, integrated maps and a lot more!
    3. A stream of thought is simple to update and send via email and auto update on the main page with ease and dynamic quality.

    Well, I could go on, but that’s my top 3.

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