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Get Free Tokens for Vector Magic

Feb 29th 2008
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BittBox beat me to the punch earlier this week getting the word out about Vector Magic’s decision to start charging folks for raster-to-vector conversions. I personally found Vector Magic to do a better job than Adobe Illustrator at conversions so I am sorry to see this happen and think the base prices seem too high (starting out at .63 for a single conversion). There’s promise of a desktop application, but with indications that it will cost over , most designers are none too pleased about that either.

Since this blog is all about the free stuff, I did want to point out one thing that BittBox did not, however. If you sign up before March 5th, you get 4 free tokens for their service. You can still get 2 free tokens after March 5th, but why not take advantage now why you can? There is also a 25% discount on token purchases being offered until March 5th if you are interested in that.

Vector Magic

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