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  1. Brian

    Thanks a lot for the heads up. I knew something screwy was going on but didn’t realize what had been done. Hopefully it was just the last two posts, but I need to find out how to block this pronto.

  2. Brian

    I just upgraded my WordPress installation to a newer version in case it was a recent exploit they were using. Hopefully, that will keep them out.

  3. I am affraid things haven’t changed Brian.did you have a look in your database?

    Strange thing is: you don’t see it on your homepage, neither in single post pages, but only in the author section and RSS feed. In the RSS feed the spamlist has links, in the author section they’re rendered as plain text. Maybe this gives a hint in what direction to search; I am not an expert though..

  4. Brian

    Crap! Well, I cleaned up the last couple of posts they hacked again. I’m looking at some different security tips, but I wish I knew specifically how they were doing this because I don’t have a lot of time to deal with this right now.

    Thanks for letting me know, though. I’ll have to keep an eye on things until I can get this blocked.

  5. FYI: In my country (Indonesia) this called ‘semanggi’. It grows as bush with a little leaf and life beside a small river on village.

  6. Brian

    Interesting to know, Embun. Thanks!

    Still having trouble with the hacker. I may have to do a fresh install of WordPress.

  7. nice vector, have a look at our gallery at, ket me know what you think.

  8. Brian

    Hi, Alex. I think you guys do great work!

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